Abrasive grinding

PRO EDGE d.o.o. successfully cooperates with many companies that offer a wide range of products for abrasive grinding and polishing. SIA Abrasives, PAI and SAIT Abrasives are the world’s leading manufacturers of abrasive grinding products and accessories. Let’s get to know our partners.

SIA Abrasives

SIA Abrasives is a company passionate about professional abrasive solutions for industry and commerce. Their clearly defined abrasive processes for all materials and applications mean that you can always find the right approach to achieve the perfect surface finish. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality abrasive products, SIA develops and manufactures abrasives in a wide range of shapes, sizes and specifications.

SIA Abrasives offers various types of abrasives

Coated abrasives
Classic abrasives with a flexible base for conventional surface preparation and finishing on all types of materials.
Fleece abrasives
High-performance coated fiber abrasives are divided into 3-dimensional abrasive products (non-woven abrasives) and 2-dimensional abrasive products (scm abrasives).
Foam abrasives
Foam pads coated with abrasive granules in different formats and degrees of hardness guarantee maximum compliance.
Bonded abrasives
SIA Abrasives distributes cutting discs with precise cutting power, as well as efficient grinding discs for various applications.

This Swiss company has been producing abrasives since 1875. Their many years of experience and modern technology guarantee product quality.

PAI – Bora abrasives

Production Abrasives Inc. (PAI) also known as Bora is a rapidly growing family-owned company for industrial abrasive products. They are located in Pennsylvania, USA. Through hard work, solid plant engineering and conscientious production methods, they have developed into a recognized leader in the abrasives manufacturing industry. Since 1985, when the company started operating, they have even expanded their capacities 5 times and become one of the world leaders in this industry.

PAI offers a complete, wide range of technical industrial abrasive products for all your grinding and finishing applications. They specialize in sanding belts, discs, etc., for metal, wood, glass, fiberglass, drywall and more.

They developed the BORA product line, with advanced technology, in various types and sizes. We highlight sanding products such as: BORA GRINDING BELTS, BORA 7 Ceramic belts, BORA 6 zirconium belts, BORA GRINDING DISCS and BORA ceramic quick-change discs.

SAIT Abrasives

SAIT Abrasives is an Italian company founded in 1950. SAIT products are of high quality and provide not only beautiful results, but also exemplary operational experiences. As a result, SAIT’s abrasive inventions are fully backed by superior materials and manufacturing methods, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. SAIT products have become synonymous with customer satisfaction worldwide.

SAIT produces various types of grinders intended for metal, wood, materials for construction or for the automotive industry. They are recognized for the production of metal grinders, fiber discs, hook discs, piston discs, wheel grinders, various sanding brushes, sheets, rolls, belts, belts and wide belts.

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