Heiniger Company

Already in its third generation, the name “Heiniger” stands for high-quality animal shearing products “Made in Switzerland”. What started in 1946 as a fruit and vegetable trading company has become a globally active quality manufacturer under the management of my great-uncle Hermann Heiniger and my father Werner Heiniger, the only supplier in the world specializing in animal shearing.

Only the highest quality counts for professional scissors. Proximity to Australian, English and New Zealand customer subsidiaries, combined with the engineering know-how and precision manufacturing of the Swiss manufacturing company, has resulted in Heiniger being the proud world market leader in professional sheep shearing today.

Heiniger is a family business – and not only at the management level. Our loyal and long-term employees are part of the family. They accumulate knowledge about animal shearing for decades and pass it on to younger “family members”. The loyalty and dedication of the employees, as well as the specialization in the animal shearing niche, are the success factors behind Heiniger.
High-quality animal shearing products “Made in Switzerland” make daily animal work easier for our customers. This is what we will continue to stand for with our last name.

Since 1965, our animal grooming and trimming equipment has set the standard for quality, precision and reliability. Our products are developed and manufactured in Herzogenbuchsee, in the heart of Switzerland. No matter what country you are in around the world, or what animals you have – whether they are sheep, cattle, camels, horses, goats or small animal pets – hundreds of thousands of animals are clipped, clipped and groomed with Heiniger “Made in Switzerland” ” produces daily.

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